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The Most Qualified Candidate Should Serve Nigeria, Come 2007!

As 2007 elections gather momentum, people all over the world are watching with keen interest. The political problem on the ground now is who succeeds president Obasanjo, who is the right candidate to occupy the Aso Rock power house, who will chief Obasanjo hand over the government to after his disengagement in 2007. The North is agitating that power goes back to them, while the south is of the view that power remains in the south.

In the North, there are different political camps and groups. In the north the three front runners are the vice president Atiku Abubaka, and the two former heads of state Babangida and Buhari. Those in Atiku’s camp are campaigning with cavalier indifference for the Adamawa born politician to succeed Obasanjo come 2007. Despite all the odds against Atiku’s political ambition, he is not ready to trade in his political aspiration for anything. Last week, he boldly said that even his boss cannot stop him from getting the nation’s plum job come 2007. Everybody knows that Atiku is a political war horse that does not even talk much. Therefore, Atiku’s opponent should not take his taciturnity for weakness. On the other hand, Babangida’s groups are campaigning with razzmatazz saying that he is the right person to occupy the Aso Rock because of his acquired experience when he was the military president. Babangida praise singers asking president Obsanjo to hand over to Babangida because he is the one that will continue Obasanjo’s reform. Buhari who was Obasanjo’s opponent in 2003 presidential election enjoins his northern support. His supporters are of the view that due to his democratic principles, he should be the one to occupy the Aso Rock in 2007.

In the south, mainly in the South-South where the political project is commissioned, the political contract is awarded, and political heat is on. Dr. Peter Odili, the executive governor of Rivers state claims to be the most qualified and the best candidate for the number one job in the nation. His supporters knowing that Odili belongs to Obsanjo’s kitchen cabinet and a very close Obasanjo’s ally saying that Obasanjo will hand over power to Odili come 2007. Victor Attar who currently is the chief executive officer of Akwa-Ibom state, is also eyeing to succeed Obasanjo in 2007. Victor Attar is a close ally of vice president Atiku Abubaka. Also from South-South zone, Donald Duke the executive governor of Cross River state, is Obasanjo’s boy, who is also interested in the nation’s plum job. South-South people are agitating that this time is there turn as they are the only zone that has never produced president.

The northerners are saying that this is their turn because the incumbent president is a southerner, while the southerners are saying no, that power must remain in the south.

In a true democratic process, it does not matter where the candidate is from, what is important in a democratic setting is for the most qualified candidate to emerge. Right now, we need to save our nascent democracy for the sake of our nation, by electing the most qualified candidate irrespective of where the candidate is from. A few weeks ago EFCC chairman, Nuhu Ribadu was saying in a political workshop organized by NLC that all the South-South governors are thieves. For the person and personality of Nuhu Ribadu, he did not say this just for saying sake, we know that he has all the facts and figures regarding what he said. This aspiring truth will affect all the south-south governors who are presidential candidates be it Obasanjo’s ally or not.

We have a lot of qualified Nigerians, both at home and abroad whose track records speak for them, even some Obsanjo’s kitchen cabinet members such as E-rufia and Nuhu Ribadu can do better job than all these our thieving leaders.


Posted by Isaac Moses , July 30th, 2006
Chicago, U.S.A

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