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Accessible Roads are Catalysts to Economic Growth and Development in Akwa Ibom State

Dr. Ignatius Idio    Published June 22nd, 2009

Unlimited Resources

In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria , there are unlimited possibilities when the government and the people work together to build accessible road networks that link the villages to the state capital in order to stimulate real economic growth and development in the state. The reason I take this position is because the state has abundance of resources.

Naturally, the Akwa Ibom people: (Ibibio, Anang,  Ibeno, Eket, and others) are very illustrious, industrious, and resourceful. Among them are the farmers, fishermen and fisherwomen, traders, artisans or craftmakers, homemakers, private entrepreneurs, daily commuters, government and corporate employees, and other professionals. How can these citizens be empowered to become more productive in their respective sectors of the economy? We can do this by building accessible roads to connect the rural villages to Uyo, the state capital. Keep in mind that some of these roads that beg for rehabilitations are less than 10 miles or 16 kilometers long, and that they can be built or rehabilitated within 6 months.  

Relative Location and Size

The relative location and size of the state present another advantage. Akwa Ibom State lies between latitude 4°32’ and 5°33’ North; and Longitudes 7°25’ and 8°25’ East and covers a total land area of about 6,900 sq. km (4,287 sq. miles), with an ocean front which spans a distance of 129 kilometers (80 miles) from Ikot Abasi in the west to Oron in the east. The state’s captivating coastal, mangrove forest and beautiful sandy beach resorts present added attractions to potential visitors around the world (for more information, visit About Akwa Ibom Stat at: Akwa Ibom State is relatively small in size compared to most of the states in Nigeria . There are about 3 million people who inhabit the state. What we need is the will and commitment to rehabilitate all roads. There is no excuse to neglect any road in Akwa Ibom State . Therefore, accessible roads are catalysts that can facilitate economic growth and development in Akwa Ibom State .

Unlimited Economic Possibilities

Constructing and rehabilitating access roads to link the villages with Uyo, the State capital will enable the following economic possibilities:

  • Traders from the villages will be able to ship their merchandises to the city markets
  • Farmers in the villages will be able to transport their produce to the market in the cities
  • Urban residents can travel to the rural farms to buy fresh produces in bulk
  • Both producers and consumers will save money from high cost of transporting the goods from the producers to the consumers
  • New businesses will be attracted to the rural areas
  • Available land will be used for developing tourist resorts
  • Accessible roads will provide easy access to tourist resorts
  • Accessible roads will create employment opportunities for people in the in the rural communities

Provide Options to Rural Residence

  • Most employees who currently reside in Uyo, will live in the rural areas and commute to work in the state capital
  • New businesses will be attracted to rural areas because of available lands and other resources
  • Access roads into and out of the villages will promote rural development
  • Power plants and water supply systems and other amenities will be built in the rural areas
  • Government departments and agencies will be established in the rural areas
  • Residential and commercial buildings will be constructed in the rural areas

Decongesting the Capital city

  • Current residents in Uyo will have the option to live in the city or relocate to the suburbs and the villages
  • Urban traffic congestions will be reduced
  • Pollutions caused by smog will be controlled

Without pointing a finger at any person or entity in Akwa Ibom State for not attending to the deplorable Uruan road, I will say this. The government of Akwa Ibom State has the citizens’ mandates and the obligation to build and rehabilitate roads for use by the people and businesses in the state. It does not matter which of the 31local government area roads are built first or last. What matters the most is the pace in which the government responses to the needs of the road conditions in the state. I sometimes compare the government’s tactics of dispensing favors to its local government areas to that of a polygamist family of dispensing favors to its several children. In both institutions, government and family, there is a common tendency to favor some local areas or children over the rest. I am not a fan of favoritism but that is a given in some societies.

I am pretty certain that Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State is a leader who understands the significance of developing each of the 31 local government areas. The ability of each citizen in each geopolitical jurisdiction to become more productive member of the larger society will depend greatly on the availability of infrastructure such as good roads provided by the state government.  Instead of playing the politics of favoritism, I would think that Governor Akpabio would like to create a fair and equitable development of each local government area in order to achieve the overall economic development of the state.

The Akwa Ibom people at home have the God given tenacity to adapt to the harsh economic condition they encounter daily. Sometimes, one may even mistake their ability to cope for lack power and right to petition the government to fulfill its obligation to the people. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to escape the hardship at home must be the advocates and voices for those who are less fortunate than we are.

I do not see anything wrong when an Akwa Ibom citizen in the Diaspora petitions the state government to rehabilitate and build Uruan roads for the citizens of Uruan or any other roads within the 31 local government areas. We should rally and speak with one voice. We know that the conditions of most roads in Akwa Ibom State are deplorable. We also know that Governor Akpabio is trying to rehabilitate some roads and construct new ones. However, the Uruan people have equal right to ask the state government to rehabilitate their roads and they want action now so that they can be more productive and contribute to the development and progress of the state. This is not asking too much. Akwa Ibom State Government should concentrate most of its development projects in the rural villages where there are availability of land and resources. Finally, I am compelled to post these two pictures of Northern Uruan roads to emphasize the need for the state government to respond to the call to fix the deplorable roads for the hardworking traders, farmers, fisher men and women, artisans or craftmakers, small business owners, corporate and government employees, and homemakers. Rehabilitating these roads will promote rural economic development for the people of Akwa Ibom State


My Faith is with the Akwa Ibom citizens, especially the less privileged ones. They should know that hard times never last, but hard working people do.


Dr. Ignatius Idio


June 20, 2009

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Akwa Ibom State


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