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Democracy is an idea but very powerful that it can incite "every idea" in the word of Justice Oliver Wendel Holimes, "as an incitement". Some people have carried far their own brewed idea of democracy to the detriment of development and holiness. The opposite of good is bad; and the opposite of beauty is ugly. One word that can be used for a negative side of a creature is ‘Beast’. The Thesaurus of the word ‘Beast’ is: Animal, Monster, Fiend, Brute and Swine. Ogun State is witnessing today a band, a particular band of beasts that I call "Beasts of Ogun State". The band is affecting all that is good in the State and the well-meaning people are getting tired of their paroxysms.

Gateway is a true appellation for Ogun State in the South West of Nigeria, a Country of about 150 million people. In truth and as a matter of fact, Ogun has a rich history of great bestowments to the Country. The Historical landmarks of Ogun State are yet unbeatable in Nigeria and the World at large. Ogun State has virtually produced all our National Leaders and those in positions to create necessary benchmarks in all ramifications. Ogun State Indigenes have played frontline roles in history, politics, and cultural development of Nigeria. Ogun State parades several Icons and Heritage of Creativity, Enterprise and knowledge. These icons include the first Nigerian Lawyer, the first Nigerian Doctor, Great Artistes like late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti; Influential Diplomats, Entrepreneurs, and Political Giants. Ogun State produced the very first Black African Nobel Laureate in Literature (Professor Wole Soyinka). Henry Townsend, a Christian Missionary published in 1859 in Abeokuta (the Capital of Ogun State) the first Newspaper in Nigeria called ‘Iwe Irohin’. The band of G15 is now rubbishing the achievements of Ogun State in Nigeria.


The present furor in Ogun State is caused by a band of beasts called G15. The G15 has exhibited in all ramifications the characteristics of a Beast winning the sole price of "Beasts of Gateway"- in action, in words, and indeed. The peace the State has enjoyed in the last five years has been ruptured and what is evident now is conflict in all facets. This should not have been the case because both the Executive arm and Legislative arm of the State belong to the same Political Party. But Greed, Selfishness, Arrogance, Pride of Position, Lust of Power, and Dishonesty have taken over to crucify Merit and Good Governance. Mediocre is the new image and those clothed in it are on parade and the centre can no longer hold. Lies, Lies, and more lies have taken over to the shame of the marauders.

The divine gift of God to Ogun State in the person of His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has encountered unnecessary problems created by the G15. Recently a daily newspaper published the nude photograph of Hon. Wale Alausa, a member of the G15 when he was supposed to be swearing to a blood-oath at a shrine in Ijebu-Igbo. His defense is laughable because a primary school student can easily deduct inconsequence emanating from his covered-up lies. Yet these lies were deliberately swallowed by some media houses and celebrated. What a shame? It is really a shame that Journalists deliberately mislead readers because of their partisanship and this is a cause for alarm. These journalists are not worthy of their certificates and pens. They are nothing but a shame to the Nation. These journalists have lost their credibility and I sincerely feel sorry for the loss of their manhood as gentlemen of the Press. Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) can never be faulted on performance. His legacies are all over Ogun State to corroborate his excellent performance. Journalists and foes that deliberately concoct stories to score cheap Political points are nothing but "Misnomers". They have sinned against God and need to repent of their sins. The Greek Word for sin is ‘Misnomer’ meaning ‘missing the mark’. They truly miss the mark as it concerns the person of Otunba Gbenga Daniel. These sets of people are known propagandists’ and unfortunately OGD’s media managers are not into propaganda. It is a foreign terrain to them.


Journalism as was practiced by the fore-runners played a vital role in political growth and socio-economic development of Nigeria. It was then and I believe it is still a noble profession; but the fact is that it is fast losing its credibility. I thank God for the very few principled and disciplined individuals that still maintain the seriousness of the profession. Those are the true ‘Stars’ of Journalism. A tour around Ogun State will convince even the doubting Thomas of the wonderful work of Otunba Gbenga Daniel and all his achievements since he became the Executive Governor of Ogun State.

Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) – led administration is poised for a secured future for the masses having consolidated on all his promises. The legislature and Judiciary are in fact an integral part of his administration and what the G15 is doing is tearing apart a body. Evidences of development in Ogun State today can never be foretold in the past Eight years. The State is far ahead of others in Infrastructural development, capacity building and projects that endear the Government to the people – mass oriented projects. With all the laudable programmes Daniel-led administration has accomplished, an endurable legacy has been established for a secured future.


An American, John Bright once said, "I think the whole world offer no finer spectacle than this, it offers no higher dignity, there is no greater object of ambition of the political state of which man is permitted to move". You may point if you will to hereditary rulers, to crown coming down through successful generations of the same family, to thrones based on prescription or on conquest, to scepters wielded over retention regions in subject realms. But to my mind, there is nothing worthy of reverence than the authority of the freely chosen magistrate of a great and free people; and if there will be on earth and amongst men and right divine to govern, surely it reacts to the ruler so chosen and so appointed. Daniel was and is still the Choice of the people of Ogun State; Let him be. His people love him because he has shown love to and for his people by his masses-oriented projects and performance.

Portray of OGD as a person into ritualism!

This is a lie from the pit of hell. Satan is the father of liars and his cohorts and children are the demoniac forces who encourage others and also participate in rituals by the type of blood-oath swearing Hon. Wale Alausa, a member of the G15 did in a shrine. How can any sane man connect OGD to rituals? I know OGD a long time ago but worked closely with him when he began the Year 2003 Campaign. Not once did he ask any of us to swear allegiance to him not to talk of asking anyone to swear to an Oath in a Shrine. OGD is a true child of God, conceived and born by true believers of Jesus Christ and nurtured by a mother-in Israel. OGD to my knowledge never entered any shrine but fellowship regularly in God’s Sanctuary (the Church of the living Christ). His background and pedigree can be seen in the type of Schools he attended and his hobby. This is a man who loves to play the piano in worship of the living God. He was a chorister in the Church of God in his school days and a prayer warrior. If not for the mercy of God, those peddling the rumour would have felt immediately the wrath of God that is most devastating.

Politics should not be used to dent people’s character, integrity, and hard-won image. Politics should not be used to bring down one’s superiors. God has chosen OGD and those fighting him are fighting God. My advice is for them to desist and join hands with him to develop Ogun State. The OGD, I know believe in prayers and his whole life is dedicated to serve God and humanity.

The Ogun State Executive Governor’s name is Justus Olugbenga Daniel. Justus belongs to the same family of Justice, Justification, Justify, and Just. In all cases the word is generally represented by ‘righteousness’. Whoever deals or has dealt with the Ogun State Executive Governor knows OGD to be a ‘Just’ Man. OGD’s middle name, Olugbenga simply means God has elevated me or God has promoted me and whoever God elevates cannot be brought down. In OGD’s various endeavours, God has kept his promise of promotion to him because he is a child of God. His elevation to the executive governorship of Ogun State is from God and no one can change the fact or remove him by mischievous misrepresentations. OGD’s Surname ‘Daniel’ seals the promises and prophesies inherent in the first and middle names.

Please be aware of this band that has the virus strain deadlier than that of HIV-Aids. Unlike other virus strain, this one is curable through total repentance and readiness to embrace the Will of God and the Wish of the people. OGD dey Kampe. Chikena.

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