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By Nasir Sa’id Adhama

Published July 31st, 2015

The term empowerment is referred to as giving power and authority to someone or giving them or instilling in them confidence and strength to face the challenges of life. As such it is the priority of this present administration to empower youths and destitute in all spheres of life. As it is worldly recognized that job creation is the key to creating economic stability, just as important, is addressing the issues of youth’s underemployment. With the youths unemployment rate as high as 30 to 60% in the states, young people are given little to no choice for development. Significantly are more vulnerable to social vices, which is making the Buhari administration to make a giant move towards socio-economic reconstruction and youths empowerment schemes.

During the previous administration in Nigeria where we experience serious economic rots, youths were left at risk of succumbing to situations of underemployment which results in under-utilization of skills, people in law wages jobs, lack of training programmers and a general environment that disempowers its youths by ignoring the existence of its potentials around them.

But with the coming of the Buhari Administration a new hope is being inspired on the Nigerian youths and destitute, through the upcoming development of academic and entrepreneurship support programmes which will expose the Nigerian youths to more sustainable forms of assistance and in turn be more oriented on potential career path. All these are coming up through the Nigerian Entrepreneurship Centre for Youths Support and destitute through business skills training, advice and coaching. The project will present an entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises support model that applies a competitive approach to sources business ideas with growth and job creation potential and also aims to unlock domestic investment of potential investors.

The present administration is aimed at creating sustainable activities and programmes that could lead to job creation among youths which is the key to positive reconstruction of the nation’s economy. Sports have not been left out in the diary of the present administration as a way of social development and also make it to function as a health promoter and a source of revenue and youths engagement. The sports is also seen by the present administration as a means of the realization of elementary values and aims of development cooperation like justice, social integration, solidarity, support of youths and children, as well as the improvement of health, education and economical development. Moreover, it is viewed as a poverty fighting mechanism.

Sports as the male applies is seen as an instruction, as an instrument for personality development, as integration instrument as a model for identification, as an instrument of health-politics, as an instrument to reach equal opportunities. It is also seen as an instrument for satisfaction of basic needs, as help for education, as an instrument to create dynamic social structure, as an economic – and – foreign policy instrument, and also an instrument of understanding among states and different people from divergent backgrounds.

Specifically why this administration is embarking on sports transformation and its consolidation is that it has local, national and international enormous positive effect because of its cross-boarder power and it offers adequate sustainable development and will also contributes to the lives of our youths socially, economically, morally and health wise. The advantage of prioritizing sports as a means of livelihood by the Buhari’s Administration could be traced from the example seen in Brazil where it is considered as a means of fighting poverty and crimes under the young generation. Sports is also seen as prime promoter of social development and that is why it is being initiated by some developing nations and accorded it priority and inserted among the nation’s development programmes and a job creation means. Isis in view of these people in developing countries were always physically active and its recognition for economic value and potentiality was recognized.

That is why the present administration if doing all it could to adopt it as a way of social development as seen in some industrial – countries where social organizations, sports – clubs, sports organizations, schools, jails etc. take the advantages of sport to promote social and economic development.

It is also known that youths do sports which make school enrolment to increase and makes the learning better, hope, luck and fun increase. And as such vices decreased because different youth’s group’s takes part in engagement activities, and also health situation strongly improved, and also makes youths to learn job skills or more about project management. In totality assessing the effort of this government to make the betterment of the youths in different part of life betterment sports picked to be part of the youths empowerment and up liftment because sports has the potential to support development in many ways, because it might have the potential to cause social, political, cultural and at last economic development. As an important trigger through sports is empowerment that is caused through sports, especially social development, and the sports has the power to empower people. The Buhari administration believes in the slogan that says sports is an important vehicle for national, social and economic development, and also believes that progress in a nation depends on the effective contribution of the individuals, who make up that nation and a nation of healthy and fit individuals is more likely to produce more for the benefit of the nation. A country’s greatest asset is its human resources and ;since sports helps to stimulate people mentally and physically, then the development of sports leads to the development of human resources, economic resources etc.

While we experience the potential of sports, to support economic, social, political development we should know at the same time that many people in developing nations love to do sports or to move and we also know that these days particularly youths from industrial countries do less sports than ever. And that is why the Buhari administration is taking this fact as a challenge to promote sports to face problems with different solution, and sports is adopted to sole many youth problems. Therefore sports is regarded and considered as a means of youths empowerment and has been linked with the poverty alteration strategy and youths engagement. As such youths are enjoined to support the Buhari Administration and exercise patience for the upcoming modalities to better their lives in different engagements, social and economic developmental benefits.



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