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Soldiers in Ekiti Polls

By Maximus Omoike   Published May 9th, 2009

People can only be deceived for some time and not all the time, it is unfortunate that we don't seem to be having a listening Government in place that is interested in the opinion of the generality of the populace instead Government is only concerned with its own agenda and quest to perpetuate themselves to have an everlasting power.

The events going on in EKITI STATE are on the waiting to unfold and Nigerians both at home and in diaspora including the international communities are all ears on ground watching with keen interest the outcome of the EKITI re-run total votes cast on the previous elections APRIL 2007 and this present re-run elections in the same EKITI STATE. Meanwhile the resignation and the comeback to work by EKITI electoral commissioner MRS AYOKA ADEBAYO, has more that meets the eyes and stealing the peoples mandates or choice of candidate by the PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP)controlled Government is unacceptable because the recent event shows clearly that the ACTION CONGRESS candidate in the person of DR kayode fayemi seems to be the people's choice and the tactic of trying to manipulate votes or intimidation of election officials and observers using of sponsor thugs to fill up ballots boxes with irregular votes are all in the public knowledge both in Nigeria at home, diaspora and the international communities are all waiting for the end results and imposing of unpopular candidate to the people of Ekiti, you not only deny them of their rights, they are also being deprived of necessary developments in the state   

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