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Ekiti Election a lesson to all

By Fredrick Femi Robinson   Published May 9th, 2009

These days I read so many comments in the Newspapers, some by Professors, Lawyers, Politicians, Men of God, Politicians and Pressmen calling every election held in this country as a shame to the world. I ask myself why these Nigerians always use the proverbial left hand to describe their father's house. Our fathers say children who do such things are bastard. Forgive me for using these strong words. Some Nigerians especially those who one way or the other can influence news in Nigeria  should bury their heads in shame. These days many of these enlightened men and women manipulate and publish falsehood to please their masters or the highest bidder. In Nigeria today the news media cannot sustain itself without being the mouth piece of a government or on the payroll of a big spender.

There are so many so called intellectuals who cannot fuel their car and feed their families if they do not sell their conscience. It is no longer a secret that some media houses blackmail Governments to part with monthly stipends in form of advertorials or documentaries most of which gulp some of the tax payers money. If this is possible then what stops a power seeking Politician from spreading falsehood. The Ekiti elections has proven that we will not purge this nation of electoral malpractices as long as we continue to allow our news media to publish stories of distrust, accusations and threats to public security. Why is it that in all elections held the looser is always shouting that the winner rigged the election. We may have to begin to accept that the most clever rigger would wins elections in Nigeria. At least that will ensure that you and I do not risk our lives fighting to right any wrong. In the last Ekiti election some newspapers failed to tell us that some people where imported into Ekiti and paid money to vote. Who funded these "ecomog voters"? They  told us many people were not allowed to vote. If their intention was to go to rig the election in Ekiti then why are they crying that the other party made sure they failed? It is a pity some people lost their lives in the Ekiti elections . My advice to fellow Nigerians who value their lives is not to believe all you read or hear in Politics.

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