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By JOHN BABALOLA    Published  June 4th, 2009

Is it not just laughable that the reason ekiti state of assembly stopped sitting is as a result of the insecurity state in ekiti state.

I sincerely hope that these so called state assembly men paid to represent the interest of the ekiti people are not only jokers but cowards as well. The so called suspension action embarked upon if they do not realise it right now, have seriously undermined their integrity and call their commitment to serve the ekiti people into question.

What this action demonstrates without any shadow of a doubt is that they are only there for the good times and whatever largess they can milk from the state. But when the going get "RO" not even before you say ROUGH, they all disappear into THIN AIR or their rabbit holes whilst giving unnecessary ultimatum.

It is seriously a shame on every one of them that have agreed to vote to suspend the plenary as l believe not every one of them would have agreed to this act of none sense but unfortunately would have had to abide by the decision of the majority.

I call them jokers because I do not want to say anything more derogatory. Suspending the plenary as a result of this current security issue in the state until further notice is categorically telling the ekiti people that their status or position as our representative in the state assembly is far more superior to any other worker or professionals in the state, and I comprehensively beg to differ from that assertion.

If for the sake of argument we agree with "them" that there is a high level of insecurity in the state at the moment, is hiding and locking themselves in their various toilets at home the best way to confront the issue affecting the state?

People living in ekiti state comprises of men and women from all walks of life with different jobs which includes businessmen, university lecturers, teachers, traders , civil servants and other professionals like doctors, lawyers, journalist round about ekiti state to mention a few .

Most of these workers mentioned are facing far greater insecurity problems in the prosecution of their duties every single day more than our so called state representatives and they do not have anyone to report to. They have continued with their work because they have no choice and because they have faith in the leaders of the state to carry out their responsibilities of protecting them and making ekiti state a better place to live. These people have not decided to let the state down by just refusing to go to work whilst demanding at home that the state government solve the issue or other issues before going to work.

If these hardworking people of the state could not sit at home twiddling their thumbs, why should our representatives decide it is best for them to sit at home whilst giving ultimatum, unless they believed by virtue of their position and status as our representatives, they are far more superior than any other persons living in ekiti state.

If a permanent secretary, a vice chancellor and leaders of trade unions unilaterally decided to call on all their co workers and members to stay at home as a result of this perceived security issue in the state right now, what would happen to the state?. The question is will this inept action have helped the state at all?

Where is their sense of leadership by example? They have to be told that their position is not so superior to that of any other workers in the state because they are only where they are by the say so of the people who voted for them. Any person who has a good standard of education and the right interest of his people at heart can aspire and be elected to the state house of assembly. You cannot now get elected and afterward believe you are better than those who elected you there in the first place.

I also use the term cowards because as state representatives, you are supposed to serve your people in good and in bad times, when it is easy and when it is very dangerous.

Look at all the atrocities going on in the Delta States, the shooting, the kidnapping the maiming and all the wanton acts of criminalities going on there. The members who represent their people in these various regions of the delta states over the past two years have not shirked their responsibilities, they have stood up to be counted through thick and thin to fight an ACTUAL state of insecurity problems prevailing and known about all over the world in these states.

These states representatives from the delta states are also Nigerians and they have not cowardly gone home and start watching Television whilst giving ultimatum to the state police and security agencies and at same time collecting their state salaries for doing absolutely nothing at home. They have risen to the occasion to be counted.

After reading this piece and any member of the ekiti state house of representatives believe in doing the right thing for the state, they should go back like decent people would do and correct their error of judgement and go back to the business of serving the state. But if they believe they are too superior to us because we look up to them for guidance and for good leadership, they should carry on and continue on their unmerited holiday.

What is required now is not rancour but extreme cooperation between the house, the police and the state security to ensure criminals in the state have no place to hide. As big as Lagos State is with the population of over 12 million, people can now see that they are winning the war against the criminals in the state based as a result of cooperation amongst every facet of the institution and agencies of the state. They have not at any time closed the state house down at any time, and saying until their demands are met before returning to lead Lagos because representative in Lagos as well as in delta states would know that would be sending the wrong signals to the criminal chiefs and the criminal barons sponsoring them.


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