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By: Silas Oluwadahunsi

Published January 29th, 2015

It is good to write but way better if there is something meaningful to pass across. I would like to address the issue of CHANGE as it has become a buzzword in Nigeria's present electioneering.

Do Nigerians really understand what change is? Can we recognise it when we see it? I really doubt if an affirmative answer will suffice for these questions. Or is it that we are seeking for words to get us 'high' politically just as smoking weed does?

Before I continue, some persons reading this may wonder why I am raising my voice along side countless others at this time. Well, I am by no means apolitical. I'm a concerned citizen of this nation and just as I am, there are several individuals who need light to be shed upon the issues on the table at the moment.

Let's delve deeper by looking at the subject of CHANGE in comparison with the game of football. It is one thing for SUBSTITUTION to be made and yet another for a team to come back into a game and WIN eventually. It is possible for a substitute to bring about the much needed victory through his introduction into the field of play. At times, a substitute goes ahead to make little or no improvement to the situation of his team. At other times, the team is helpless, no matter how good the substitute brought in is(remember Brazil vs Germany at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, 1:7 FT).

Looking at the analogy, a WIN is the real CHANGE yet it is 'substitution' the opposition and their sympathizers are proposing. The incumbent administration has left lots of reasons why questions should be raised and yet, they promise CHANGE. In their case, a change in formation or tactics will result in a WIN(CHANGE). However, they are not showing the electorate how they plan to change either of the two.

Be that as it may, winning one match is not enough to win a championship. That implies continuity. We have come to believe in this country that continuity is possible only when an administration is reelected for a second term or a party is returned. None of these is completely true. In the first place, they do not necessarily have to be for continuity to take place.

I wonder how continuity (sustained change) will take place when important issues are not being properly addressed in the manifestos of the major parties. I have not heard of any of the aspirants/parties speak on the ailing 1999 constitution for instance. Instead of addressing weightier matters, they are busy hauling insults and washing each side's dirty linings in public. What a show of shame! Grave issues such as insecurity and decay in the nation's educational system are only being paid lip service.

They are quick to point accusing fingers at each other. By so doing, the unsuspecting listeners are carried away. That may be confusing at times when the candidate you seem to prefer is on the receiving end. For me, the words of Jesus Christ have clarified such instances. Individuals with a log in their own eyes want to remove the speck in another's eye. Many of these politicians are hypocrites. When you examine the vast amount of money they stand to misappropriate(running into billions of Naira/Dollars) and power they will abuse, it would not be difficult to see why they can come out in public and boldly tell blatant lies. It has happened before and it is still happening today.

Let's examine change a little further. First of all, change does not come so quick and easy as we are being wheedled to believe. Change takes a lot of work and relatively long time to achieve. In fact, if Nigerians really understood the kind of change needed in our country, we will not be carried away cheaply. That kind of change will require far more than 4 years to be a lasting one. The change we need must cut across all strata of the nation's life. In short, it must be holistic.

Just as a lone tree does not make a forest, believing an individual or duo will bring about lasting change may not be better than a mere wish. For lasting change to occur, all hands must be on deck. I must play my part and you must play yours. If we continue to wait on those at the top to make things right, we may just be like someone expecting to see a crab blink.

How much is my change in effect refers to the quota I have to pay in bringing about a lasting change in Nigeria. I hope you really want to contribute your own quota as well? Moreover, change does not come to those who are folding their hands and doing nothing. It comes to those who are aspiring and working passionately for it. Change comes at a price, are you willing to pay it fully in your own life, community and nation as a whole?

It is up to us to entrench a change and not necessarily them.

God bless Nigeria!

Silas 'Dahunsi



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