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THE NATION was launched on Monday July 31, 2006 as a quality national newspaper. It is addressed primarily to the attentive national audience for news, features, reviews, insight, analysis, comment, and wholesome entertainment from Nigeria and the wider world. The newspaper's primary goal is to provide readers and the general public with information they need to be free and self-governing in a democratic society and owes no allegiance to any special interest, group, or creed. Its first loyalty is to the citizens, and first obligation is to a diligent search for truth or its best approximation; not the abstract truth or truth as an end in itself, but as a means to justice.

Without prejudice to the vital need for national unity, THE NATION is out to vigorously champion a return to fundamental principles of federalism, believing that it is the arrangement that can best advance the multifarious interests of citizens in a country of many nations and faiths such as Nigeria, and promote justice. It remains an independent monitor of power - holding those entrusted with its exercise accountable and serving as a forum not just for the public criticism that is an essential to democratic governance, but also for the compromise without which a federation cannot thrive.

THE NATION's unique strength is the establishment of its printing plants in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt; thereby guaranteeing simultaneous printing at the three strategic locations - offering the same edition nationwide, same day. This has shot up its national readership up considerably, overtaking older titles such that is now ranked as Nigeria's fastest growing newspaper.

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