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George odinakachi    Published June 24th, 2009

Rebranding your mental attitude is not a natural metamorphosis! Itís a challenge. Your head is the timeline.

Some times I recall a childhood incident that Iíve had. My father was riding me in his Yamaha 100 motorcycle, I was sitting on the tank and my two hands rested on the legs of the front mirrors. Something overwhelmed me. It came from the inside of me, and I asked my self "why are we moving faster than others, immediately, i discovered that we were riding on something. Then I asked myself again, am I not the one riding this?" that was the day I took control of my mind because I discovered that I was thinking. That night as I went home, I became restless; thinking is not friendly with time wastefulness. I could not control my self. I had to ask my father "papa, was I the one that rode us home?" that was the day God endowed in me a challenge, not to think, but to have control over my mind. The style of things I think about and my inquisitiveness in knowing the secrets that are related to the things I think about is what is known as my own mental attitude. Iím not a philosopher or highly learned but I have to teach you this phenomenon as I see it in my mindís eyes. I plead to use any word that may seem appropriate in explaining this because it is a separate mental culture. Your mental attitude is not interrelated with your age. Though age may give you experience and wisdom, but the channeling of these experiences towards enhancing your personality, both personal and society wise is what comes from your mental attitude. It can dominate; it has a lot to do with discoveries and adjustments.

Why some youths finish their university degree program without having knowledge of how to send an e-mail, or browse through goggle, other youths in the same environment already has a BlogSpot where they post their weekly class experiments. Even if the former was more brilliant in other class works, the later ends up getting a better job; this is because he has rebranded his mental attitude to revolve with the speed of information technology revolutions. He has become more advantaged with information that will definitely affect his job status. These other young Nigerians that have failed to have a rigid mental attitude, they complain of unemployment, poverty and lots of nonsense. In a society where young men refused to think; They refused to invent ideas, they want to feed on other peopleís inventions, what do you expect, more jobs? We need to sit down and heal ourselves. We are suffering from poor mental attitude. We need to rebrand our mental attitude. The bank you expect to work after graduation was conceived by a young man that may still be alive. He has tried in employing the much he wanted. Even if he looked faces before choosing his employees, itís good. Do you expect him not to favor his family and friends with these opportunities that he has created? If I see you as a graduate, complain of lack of connections to get a job, I morn your existence. Your generations were poor but they left this only valor for you to pick on. That is the knowledge you acquired in school. Another generation is coming behind you and please donít make them vulnerable to unemployment.

To some youths that abuse drugs and do violence, I may not say itís hopeless but you have a small problem and that, makes you a fool. Your problem is that you primarily had violence at the sub-region of your active mind. The drug only catalyzes. You are not man enough to take control of what belongs to you. I suggest that you cut off your testicles with your little kitchen knife. Maybe you are not a fool aft all, because the drugs that you abuse did not catalyze your mind to cut off your manhood. Risking yourself doing violence in this level of security revolution is as good as getting you into jail. That is another way of cutting your mental testicles which is worst than doing it with your kitchen knife. Why should you reject something yet go back to do it again? Are you a dog that eats what you vomited? Consecrate your mental sub-region and plant good seeds that will grow to be the mustard tree of our time. That is all about rebranding your mental attitude.

Where are you mentally? You may have a good job, a car and a flat for you and your family. Itís your mental attitude that makes you believe you are comfortable. You are just a baby monkey in a mango tree with two ripped mango fruits. No cashew, no apple, no orange, yet your hands are filled up that you cannot even swing around. That is the state of your mind. Donít you have a taste for diversity? You filled your mind with linear information. Why are you lavishing the storage chambers of your believing mind? You have a wife and five children. You believed that you are ok because all your children are in school and your wife is doing her MSC. Havenít you heard that there is high rate of unemployment? Even if youíll retire and put your son, will the six work under one opportunity? You have to sit down and heal yourself. That is what rebranding is all about. You have to war before you deliver those behind you. Donít only sleep with your wife and produce children. Expand the boundary of income in Nigeria so that this increase in population you are participating in should not be a threat to the younger generation.

This is a basic fact that you must realize. "In one way or the other, you have been sleeping" imagine how hopeless it is to a man when his body lay to sleep. Certain unconsciousness overwhelms him that he cannot contribute in his existence. The body is one such physical that is controlled by the mind. How much more, to the mind? When your mental attitude is poor, it means that the mind, which is the generating source of all human coordination, is asleep. The realization of this fact is a step forward for us Nigerians. A problem identified is half solved. You are welcome to the world of opportunities. You were once suffering from an illness that was worst than madness. Your attitudinal mentality was not functional. You were not coordinating your natural potentials and renting it out for the enhancement of human comfort. How will you feel for a cow when the little Fulani cowboy counted his fatherís cows and refused to add one to their number, arguing that it is too slim and may die soon? Wonít you advice the cow to eat more grass and drink more water. Thatís the only obligation you may owe it. Canít you see how ridiculed that cow may feel. What about us humans? Sometimes the government brings up some programs like the poverty reduction exercise, agric loans, free vaccination and lots more. The problem is that those with low mental attitude will not get involved because they may not even seek for information. For those that receive the information, they may conclude that other employees in the government, has embezzled the money. Why are you sleeping so deep like this? Why canít you get involved with some good deeds that are going on in nigeria? You keep complaining that the rich diverts the entire national fund, the politicians are bad, goods in the market are too costly in the countryÖ.you have a mental attitude that should be rebranded. We are the government. I am governing my own in this small piece that Iím writing. Some of you that may see me with a good car while I am still an undergraduate will conclude that I stole money or my politician father bought it for me. Stop all those gossips and change the way you think. Let your mind be for your own use alone.

If you are not counted in your society, you are the slim cow that belonged to the Fulani cowboy. Money is just one factor. Some Nigerians that are respected today, never revealed their financial status, even if they did, they were not counted in the society with respect to money. They influenced with their instrument of attack. You have to think like an army some times. This world is war. The society you find yourself is the warfront. Thereíre lots of soldiers; each, with a distinct weapon of attack. Donít jealous my machine gun because you may have an anti rocket bomber. Start using your instrument in the area that will be helpful to mankind. Bill gates may not have been a good singer if he had tried. He had his vision and that was in information technology. God did not cheat anybody canít you understand? He gave us different gifts and visions to guarantee equilibrium in existence. If you have not thought of just one thing you can do that is not frequent in your society, you may not have woken up yet. If you think of evils that may fetch you fortune, you are cutting your mental testicles. I think you should rather use your kitchen knife.

Some people become so rich in Nigeria, yet they are not heard of, people of that category should donate to orphanages and sponsor good foundations. Others that may not have money in their account, yet they have concepts that needs little funding, please pursue your concept. Think over it and you will realize that you can use your concept to generate money that will sponsor your concept. Iím not saying that you should not seek for money from your relations but in most cases, your efforts could just be so frustrating if the people you ask for money do not understand the skeleton of your concept. You can also start up by applying to cooperate bodies and foundations but I assure you that the most valid step is in you.

Your vision is your own instrument of war. There is a great difference between vision and fantasy, vision has a supernatural driving force while fantasy ends in your mind. It doesnít have a motivating factor that lifts your spirit of pursuit. For the fact that you have a vision, sit down and create the concept which is your pattern of mental success. If you take a wrong step to actualize your vision, you may have committed a mental suicide and that goes a long way in making your life miserable.

To some youths that want to be good politicians tomorrow donít be thugs as a starting point. If you become a thug, you are going to be a good one because of that political ingenuity in you. Whilst you are a good thug, your god father will not want to expose you again to any political opportunity because he may be loosing his dear thug. Secondly, he may wish to take your life if you decide to change environment because you have known a lot about him and politicians are information jealous. Why should you go to market only to buy a rope and tie your two legs in front doors of your new home. Iím not preaching young politicians not to be bad. All I am saying is that being bad is not the shortest way now. Donít follow some of the old stories of political struggles because they are too cheap and outdated. Poor mental attitude leads one to crime. Some of the things you kill people to acquire are just yours by nature only if you can apply strategies that will penetrate the old standards of our time. Letís not allow technology to advance alone. Even the flow of blood in our systems should be advancing because we have the key to this greater world. Jesus Christ did not die in the cross because he does not have a strange power to escape it but he only developed his concept of being the most worshiped God and today, I think even people from other religions has felt his deeds. If you are a Christian, Iím not saying that you should die to actualize your concept but pursue yours in a breathless dimension. Of course if you die on the cross to be like Jesus, I may wish to say that you are just a little creature swimming in an ocean of imitation. Please open your eyes wide. Nobody has done your kind of concept. Anything that is into existence, which inspires you to achieve your concept, is just a guide line now. Do the one that is inside of you and you may not be affected by the jingles of economy and financial meltdown? You may be trying your best but the stress is high, I wonít tell you sorry because Iím not the cause and nobody will either. Take heart but please go ahead. If you loose hope before your death, then I will not classify you as a human being because even our smaller creatures are proud to eat the yam peels on the eve of their death. One minute is worth leaving with enthusiasm. You are important in the society and for that, I never wanted to tell you that if you die a careless death, we may feel the loss but there are millions of your ages in existence and itís not a zero moment for us if we loose one.

"I was very curious to understand a certain topic in my physics course. I did series of overnight but did not record much progress. I knew my problem was integration. I had a stunted knowledge of integration and it was seriously featured in the topic. Before I could understand integration very well, i will have to go back to my secondary school mathematics and read up other topics that will enhance my understanding of integration. I wanted to do well in the course because it is three credit units, so I called my little brother and borrowed some secondary school math books from him." What mattered to me was not going back to read up those forgotten materials, what mattered was that I had to read them well and be continuous in this my mission of achieving the extra ordinary.
Aim big but shoot small. If your dream is to read international law in Europe, if you have a viable mental attitude towards it, you could do that. Even if your father is late and your uncle refused to help you, you could still achieve it. You have to seat down and break your moves down. Conclude at first that you want Europe. Not Europe, or Asia, or America, if you lack mental coordination and focus, you may not achieve a challenging vision. Donít let situations determine your future. Pursue with sincerity and have a defined target. I so much advice focus. I believe that any normal creature can solve the challenges that come his way. Ok, "I advice you to bring out the most expensive cloth you have, sprinkle a little kerosene on it and burn it" why are you not so happy now? Maybe you are not a fool aft all, maybe you can coordinate yourself. You know what is good for you and what is not. Then you can solve your problem. Make up your mind on what you want and have a picture of it drawn close to you in your mind. Build this castle of yours closely in your mind; go to work first by disengaging it. Keep the nails separate, the zinc and even the blocks separate. As they lie separate in your mental sketch, start maybe with the nails. When you actualize one, move to the other. People around you may not understand you but when you get the parts set and couple your castle, theyíll come to celebrate with you. It has always been a phenomenon. Most of the people that hit it big in Nigeria never got supports from their loved ones because in Nigeria, we lack the eyes that see skeletons of success. Everything here is show us first. That is the character of the economy here; so donít hesitate to welcome them the day of your celebration. They loved you.

If reading law in Europe is your castle as I mentioned earlier, you may first start by buying law books and equipping your self with the most recent information in law. Then use your pocket money to buy air time in good cyber-cafes and search for scholarship exams on net. I assure you, you may see pending opportunities which only your earlier knowledge of law will pull you in. one of the problems Nigerians have is that they expect magic to happen most often. You may be begging your uncle money for the next fifteen years. You may have even started behaving like a barrister at home while you have not made any headway. That is another work of fantasy. Your mental existence is affecting your physicals before actualization. There are two realms of existence; the mental existence and the physical existence. They are two realms that should be left separate. The mind for conceiving, while the physicals for actualization. Donít be faster than your movements. You have to use your head to correct such misconducts, which is why I said that your head is your timeline.
Some upcoming artistes in Nigeria should take note. Why should you get yourself arrested in streets as hood lumps because you are trying to dress like bob Marley, you dress like a rasterferian all because you have a reggae track you wrote which you have not seen the sponsorship to record. Why are you counting your chickens before they are hatched? Why Nigerians donít do well in international competitions is because weíve been swimming in the ocean of imitation. We are living under the shadow of the western world. That is not how to behave independence. Letís take a case study of entertainment in Nigeria. We had an initial concept of music. We invented musical instruments that even the westernersí jealous. Itís our earlier style. People like Fela and Sunny Ade were respected every where in the world because they refused to compromise the African style. If we really want to introduce product that will bring income to our country, then we must think back to the old Nigerian styles that seduced the missionaries to come into our country. Why are we all dying over oil money in Nigeria? We have millions of other natural endowments that we should process and export to the western world. Some Nigerian paintings worth millions but we ridicule them all because it originated here. How on earth will you compete with the westernsí and win them on instruments they invented. Itís their local instruments and they made them. They donít struggle to play a violin guitar because itís in their blood. Let us specify a succeeding dimension. Let respect the ingenuity of our forefathers. Itís because of our intelligence that we even achieved this little. Letís start developing our own national existence. Only our cultural costumes can fetch a national income for us. Let us stop adopting the total lifestyles of the western world. We have the best down here but we under look it. I may not have more to offer but instead of telling you to behave like the whites; Iíll advice you to die behaving black. Sleep over this question. Why is sun bathing one of the major events of foreign models? Good night.




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