Posted  December 25, 2006

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Nigeria what a shame

What a hell is going on in Nigeria ?

A constitution is the law of the land and should be obeyed and respected by any constituent of the country. There is no individual above the constitution (regardless of status, age, etc).

In as such, I haven’t seen a well pillared democratic country where the President or his party as a body declares an elected Vice-President seat vacant without one of the reasons below:

a) Dead.

b) Impeachment.

c) Health problems indicating that he/she couldn’t be able to fulfill his/her obligations to the nation.

With any of these reasons could a Vice-President or President seat be declared vacant? And as far as both the Vice-President and the President were elected by citizens vote on the same party’s platform, both are of the same body. In this, the President has no power to fire his Vice-President.

Moreover, there is no law stated that both the President and Vice-President have to originate from the same party. Each one has the right of choice to pick and select any party he/she decides. But the country’s requisition is both must work together, even if they do not like each other.

Therefore, I find it hard to believe when I read one of the Nigeria daily news-paper that President (Obasanjo) and his PDP party declared Vice-President (Atiku) seat vacant. It should be well known that neither the President nor his party has any legitimate power or right of any kind for such a mysterious evil doer decision.

As a Nigerian living abroad, I feel ashamed to be considered as a Nigerian citizen at this particular moment. We are supposed to be moving forward not backward. The President (Obasanjo) needs to think twice.

Nigeria is eyed by the Western countries as one of the poorest and corrupt country in the world, now we are in the process of adding another emblem or label to ourselves “Morons”. The whole world is watching and laughing at us. We become the talk of the world. What a shame!!!!!!

Bola Aina  

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