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Saidi Balogun Partners with NGO for Nigerian Children

By Timothy Enietan-Matthews
-  Published July 30h, 2009

Popular actor, producer and director, Saidi Balogun is Set to give back to society, as he joins the campaign for the restoration of human dignity especially that of street and destitute children with the production of a child rights advocacy film, My Dream, My Life.


The Film

My Dream, My Life, as stated above, is a child rights advocacy film that is intended to help expose the hardship and daily struggles that less privileged children, destitute and orphans go through on a daily basis, to be undertaken by Saidi Balogun Productions in conjunction with Haven for the Nigerian Child, an NGO dedicated to the plight of destitute children and the less privileged in the society. The film will also address issues ranging from child abuse, child forced labour and child battering. Among other things, the film will equally educate the public on the dangers these children are opened to and the dangers that they, in return, constitute to the society. And most importantly, the film seeks to sensitize the public on the plight of these children, educate them on the need to rise to the occasion by helping to sponsor a child out of hopelessness and encourage kind hearted members of the public to support the drive to give hope to the hopeless. The proceeds from the premiere and sale of the movie shall go to the Haven for the Nigerian Child to help their activities.


The Story Line


My Dream, My Life is the story of five children who left home under one circumstance or the order in search of a better life and survival on the street. The five children left home because they were forced by the circumstances under which they found themselves and in a bid to live out their individual dreams, they suddenly became adults, providing for their own needs with some tending to the needs of somewhat irresponsible parents. As time goes on, the dream of the individual destitute street kid started shaping his life, thinking and disposition. Two of the kids, despite their socially depraved state, dreamed of becoming useful adults and qualified professionals, but another two, out of anger against the society they believe have not been fair to them, decided to take to crime and punish the society for the crime committed against them. The fifth boy, Damilola was not too lucky to follow his dream, as he was knocked down and killed while trying to survive on the street. For Tope and Ibrahim, their dreams became realities through a God sent philanthropist. For Ngozi and Chike, anger, prejudice and the overriding passion for revenge ruled their lives till the end. It a story of what can be on both sides of the divide.


Though social themed films have been produced in the past, My Dream, My Life is unique in the sense that 65% of the cast are children who, at one time or the other experienced life on the street. In actual fact, they are children rescued and rehabilitated from the notorious Kuramo Beach by Haven for the Nigerian Child.


About Saidi Balogun Productions


Saidi Balogun Productions, under the leadership of Mr. Saidi Balogun, an accomplished actor, producer and director, is noted for its superior productions that have been adjudged as market leaders and classics in their own rights. Our past productions include Modupe Temi (the first two cast movie in Africa), Gbogbo Ere, (the first three cast movie also in Africa), Oba Asa, Gbewiri, Ato Aseku, Oyin Nio, Eni Olorun Ke, Omo Britiko, Jeun Soke, The Flirt (English), The Rider (Pidgin Comedy), Paul and Peter (English) and a host of others.


For Saidi Balogun, the opportunity to give back to society is a great one that gives him a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that he is a beneficiary of the immense goodwill the Nigerian society has showered on him.




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