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While Nollywood strives to be Nigerian replica of American Hollywood, the quality of the videos produced relative to Hollywood videos, are abject apology.
    But there is room for improvement

It is true that Nigerians, both at home and abroad hunger more and more for Nigerian made movies, because of the peculiarity of the stories and richness of our tradition, but quite often the quality of the pictures are nothing to write home about. I am often fascinated by the stories behind the movies, but I am equally often disappointed by the dramatization of the stories. These Nigerian movies were initially made for local consumption, but the increasing demand for such movies by people resident at home and in foreign countries, led to increased, but careless productions of low quality movies.

I believe that there are several reasons for the poor quality, and a few of them are :

   The quest for rapid wealth
 Inadequate grooming of the actors and actresses
Lack of Proper Appraisal of the Stories and the logistics of properly executing them.

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It is a well known fact that, in any Get-Rich-Quick scheme, the quality of the product or service is often compromised, and this is also true with movie production. In an effort to generate massive revenue, quickly, we often loose sight of the aim of movie production. We need to focus on producing movies that narrate coherent stories, captivate the audience and should be universally acceptable.

We need to focus more on quality rather than quantity



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