Posted May 17th, 2007

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By Uche Ikedilo

First and foremost I wish to congratulate all Nigerians both home and those in diaspora for successfully launching a powerful cable-based NTA international and NTA news extra relayed by MHZ Satellite channel. NTA management and staff are hereby specially honoured for making possible the latter(News Extra).

But one thing is to launch such a noble and prestigious project and another is how much is the project’s performance acceptable to the consumers? As a Nigerian originally though now resident in USA as a citizen, my twenty years experience as a veteran broadcaster in Enugu,Nigeria equips me with all the clout needed to do this objective assessement which if humbly studied and implemented might help in the enhancement of better image for the organization.

To start with why is it that President Obasanjo and the PDP are the daily dominant features in the news as if Nigeria runs a one-party dictatorship instead of democracy which even Obasanjo himself proclaims? Why should Obasanjo’s recreation at an amusement park be considered more news worthy than the launching of a water /road project by a state governor or even a local government chairman?Does the NTA belong to the presidency or Obasanjo? Also on the strict political front,only pdp’s activities are covered with extremely occasional mention of ANPP.DPP and Action Congress party.Why are these and other numerous parties denied similar opportunities that the PDP enjoys alone.Did and do these parties not conduct their primaries or did they not meet the requirements and therefore not registered by INEC? Why are they not covered at all? These and other little shortcomings in the area of the comportment and presentability of the news casters and reporters. Are now open for critics to discredit this monumental setup. Benine Mordi during a news presentation in December 2006 displayed a most unacceptable behaviour by denying a female reporter the chance of letting the viewers know who she (the reporter) was. Benine did not introduce the reporter and would neither do it at the end of the excellent reporting of the event vis-à-vis Nigeria/UK friendship package. Benine's deliberate intent was made even more obvious when this reporter was cut short of saying her name. Benine whose facial appearance during this apparently brief period of good reporting by the masked anonymous reporter reflected her action, proved that she had a score to settle with the reporter. As a symbol of the organization at the very period of News presentation, Benine should have kept her personal hemotions/concerns out of her job.

Kehinde Young-Harry should be more serious and more restful while presenting the news. She should minimize her gesticulations too cos she is sufficiently pretty as a grandma and longtime broadcaster. Kehinde, congrats for the new grandchild. More of that.. However some other newscasters and reporters give me joy anyday they are on the screen. Moji Makanjuola is simply the best newscaster. Her diction,composure,ethics and speed of presentation are excellent, dressing is virtually the same for all lady casters. Congrats Moji.Other good news casters include Ademola Adeoye.Kalu Otisi,Hauwa Gebi, Joy Osiagwu. Cyril Stober etc.and virtually all reporters are good. Coordination with state stations is not good yet; most times it takes forever for an introduced state station presenter to start talking.Apart from Abuja and Lagos the few other NTA stations that enjoy most network attention are Ibadan,Sokoto,PortHarcourt,Maiduguri and to a little degree Makurdi and Enugu.Are other states not part of Nigeria? While we are happy and proud that Africa now has a strong voice in the projection of it’s activities,defence against western propaganda, unfounded criticisms and derogatory remarks about the continent by the so-called developed nations, NTA should provide adequate coverage to the entire Africa in order to be accepted as the voice of Africa by not only Africans but the world at large.South African broadcasting corporation is quite good in that so far. Anything worth doing at all is worth doing very well. I sincerely wish the editor makes this script available to NTA D.G. Dr Tony
Iredia, entire management and staff of that organization.

Uche Ikedilo
Glenn Dale,Maryland,USA
Phone No: 301-352-8746, and 301-263-4416

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