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By Bishop (DR.) Olushola Olukolade

September 7th, 2011

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Today (5th September, 2011) will be the 100 days that Dr Good luck Ebele Jonathan took the oath of office as President of Nigeria with undisputed people’s vote that cuts across the breath and length of Nigeria . The Southern part voted overwhelmingly for him and not necessarily his party as was evidenced in the following polls. The Governorship candidates who had the illusion that the vote for Jonathan was for their party learnt a bitter lesson.

The election was free and fair. His campaign was equally fair and appealing, he pleaded that his party should not rig for him and made sure that INEC was truly independent. It was the first of its kind in Nigeria . He appointed a man of high integrity, who has a record of such to protect to head INEC. He conspicuously stayed clear to enable them be as neutral an umpire as was necessary without any fear of repercussions or reprehensions. He was very calm even in the face of provocation from the opposition. Nigeria could not ask for more, that was why we voted for him. It was difficult for some of us to vote for Dr. Jonathan because of the party he represented who had ruled the nation for several years with nothing to show for it, but his activities for the brief period he took the helm of affairs despite all odds after the demise of his predecessor Omaru Yar’adua of blessed memory, proved that he was going to be different from the PDP led federal government before him, and the activities of the other PDP led governments all over the nation. The Peoples Democratic Party had shown themselves as a party that cared less about the true welfare of the common man. They had engrossed themselves so much into the accumulation and cornering of the wealth of Nigeria to themselves that you could smell their loss of touch with realities on ground by just coming closer to them and hear them speak. The rising unemployment levels could not bother them, the decay in infrastructure around the length and breadth of Nigeria brought no blinks from their eyes. Till now their leadership fly overseas to treat headaches, while they left we lesser mortals to be used as guinea pigs in the poorly equipped hospitals and health centers that dot the landscape of this nation.

 In any case, Dr. Jonathan assumed office with lots and lots of good will within and outside Nigeria . America , Europe, and the united nation extended unprecedented hand of fellowship to Nigeria . The community of nations began to place Nigeria where many of us believed he belongs. People were ready to forgive PDP for Jonathan’s sake.

From the day he took over the ruling of the Nation, Boko Haram, a terrorist group in Nigeria drew the battle line. In the wake of the elections that re-affirmed him as the President of Nigeria, some notable politicians had been quoted in the press as saying that Nigeria would be ungovernable if they lost elections. In other words, Nigerians should be afraid of them during and after elections because they had become so fat, and big as Nigerian leaders, that we must take instructions from them before we cast our votes. This was even when ethnic pride hindered them from campaigning effectively in several geopolitical sections of this country. They have refused to overgrow the toga of military autocracy. We have not heard any word in the press from these men about the menace of Borko Haram. If silence is consent, what are they telling Nigerians?

 President Jonathan outlined his agenda of transformation and raised the hope of the nation especially all those who voted for him. But his number one enemy and that of the nation was determined to defray his plan.
Other things begin to happen simultaneously that needs the attention of the president:

1.     Minimum wage:During the election the minimum wage was passed into law to avoid a protest vote against the governors and others during the election. To date many States still believe they are above the law. Even the Federal Government had to renegotiate the law before they obey. Only Lagos and States obeyed as was written.

The Banking Sector:The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) continued their face of with some bank executives who were perceived to defraud their Banks. The plots to put them out of circulation continued unabated. One of them was successfully convicted and lavishing in jail because she choose not to fight thinking that justice will prevail. The others, trying to fight back, can be compared to the war between David and Goliath. Only a miracle will safe them. I had written my opinion based on my personal experience on this issue when it first started. The CBN is a monster, it kills and buries its victims in the public and make spectators clap for them, while they pile up evil and manipulations within their drawers and suits. They are doing same thing this with the best available skills today against their perceived personal and corporate enemies. Ever since the present Governor came on board, we read of billons of naira dumped here and there, but unemployment continues to rise, lending in the banks is next to zero since he came along, poverty has risen so high, Nigerians are dying in large numbers from poverty, industries are yet to feel the money CBN has pumped into the economy; that is what I call economics with the magic face. The more you look the less you actually see. Who can query the CBN?

As if this was not enough, the introduction of the Islamic Bank exposed the root cause of the so called reformation agenda of the powerful CBN and it’s Governor. Why will the CBN force this bank through the throat of Nigerians at this time? Haba Governor!

The Judiciary:The judiciary had overturned the election results of the ruling party in some states and had demonstrated their independence especially during the reign of President Omaru Yar’adua of blessed memory. He promised that his regime would be guided by the rule of law, a departure from the military decree rule of the past, and he demonstrated his willingness by releasing the funds withheld by his predecessor against the rule of law for years. The event of recent days makes it seem that Nigeria is preparing to go back to the old lawless days of government. The new appointments and removals in the judiciary make it clear that judiciary will no longer be independent. The ruling party is preparing to use the court to get back more states, and frustrate INEC to force its chairman to resign so they can appoint another to do their bidding, so help us God.

Delta States Militants:Another great achievement of the  Yar’adua – Jonathan regime was restoring peace to the oil producing region. In recent days, things have began to fall apart here again and it seems that the old days of kidnapping is coming back. President Jonathan must consolidate on the gains of the past with the Niger Delta and not let himself be distracted by Borko Haram and their follies. The pollution of the environment by the Oil Company without cleaning up their mess continued unabated, but thanks now to the Reverend Kuka committee report, sanity is beckoned to return.

Corruption:Every government so far seem to believe that  they are elected or appointed to share the common wealth of the nation. The common wealth had become wealth of the  highest bidder as bribery is the access to any position or any service. The anti-graft organizations are nothing but cosmetic to silence the donors so they can look the other side. Corruption is a cancer that had eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigeria .
Someone once challenged the men and women of God in Nigeria to go on hunger strike like someone did in India . I do not think it can work, else I know many who will gladly enlist in such crusade. But I believe such can do no good as the Government will ensure that such people die un noticed and they will bribe or coerce everyone to ensure so.

Natural disaster:In the past, Lagos States had their share of flood disaster. It was not a national shame because the Lagos State government is used to taking care of its people as if the Governor was the President. But lately, the incident in neighboring Oyo State which was so neglected by the PDP government for years has exposed the Federal Government as a Government that does not believe in the welfare of the people until some of us cried out. It is a shame. Why should our own government wait till we cry our eyes out before they notice that there is a disaster? When will they reorganize and re-energize the national Emergency agency ? We look to JEG to restart sanity and good governance in Nigeria .
1. I believe strongly that a state of emergency should be declared and a serving Brigadier General named as administrators over the states where terrorists operate from; and the general given specific time to root out the terrorists. Yes, Borno, Bauch, Plateau, states should be so handled.

2. Every State Governor who refuses to implement the minimum wage should be impeached and his Deputy should become the Governor and must implement the minimum wage as the first act.

3. The Judiciary should be allowed to run according to the constitution.

4. Nigerians demand such speed as the appointment of President of the Supreme Court to solve all security and humanitarian problems in Nigeria .

5. Central Bank of Nigeria must stop the agenda of turning Nigeria to an Islamic State. Their utpian non properly researched cashless society hype must be suspended until the ICT content is fully reconciled. Moslem Bank versus  Christian Bank is divisive and  has no place in a secular state like ours.The idea offends the unity of this country.

6. All security vote should go purely to security (remuneration, salary, training, retraining, &  equipment for police)

7. Just like our president emulated Obama campaign style let him emulate his governing style (go round the states holding town meetings to listen to the pains and problems of the people and make efforts to solve them)

8. Stop terrorism if Nigeria will ever become a permanent member of the United Nations  Security council.

Bishop (DR.) Olushola Olukolade
Prelate. Southern Nigeria Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
Church of God in Christ
386 Herbert Macaulay way,
Yaba, Lagos .
08185796173, 018935399, 08056633155, 08167520379