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By: Kayode Oluwaseun David

Published January 26th, 2015

Bad and good people want to become leaders in our country. Everyone is desperate for power; even the good ones want to get there by any means. Taking a look at the state of the nation, one can finally deduce that the ratio of good leaders to bad leaders that have ruled us would be around 1:9. A degrading Nigeria has been effectively achieved in every democratic dispense. Every term of leaders has its own bad sides always greater than their good side which has been placing Nigeria on a pedestrian of underdevelopment and retarded growth. A country blessed with immeasurable resources and landscape, one which is envied in other part of the world is on daily basis ending up as a shadow of its real self. Nigerians end up getting hurt emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc. anytime their only power which is their vote goes down the drain, and their hard earned money in form of their taxes are used to empower the powerful in purchase of armored vehicles, flying jets, mansions abroad; and also used by the powerful to fight against the weak. We are always at the receiving end anytime we perform our civic duties of voting and paying taxes. How Ironic?

Now, going into the main point of this article, politicians possess different ideologies of politics. So many agendas, propagandas, etc. are always employed during election and after election to win the hearts of the people. Taking a look at the trend of reigning ideologies, there was a time when political thuggery was on the high side, snatching of ballot boxes was the order of election, duplicating of ballot papers were the effective means of getting the seat. I don’t say these things don’t happen anymore, but all am saying is that it is no more a reigning trend.

This now drives down to the reigning political ideology which I tag as “POLITICS OF THE MOUTH”.

Politics of the mouth is a safe way of winning elections deceitfully. Why it is called politics of the mouth is because the mouth is the major tool used in getting power without having to shed blood, or steal ballot boxes, or committing any offence that can land you in an election appeal court. In this article, I am going to point out only two (2) ways out of many in which the mouth can help in winning elections.

Firstly, on the part of the electorates, poverty is a generic feature of this country. I once heard a boy said, ‘’I am a street hawker, I live on what I make, and I do this when my mates are in school studying”. So many Nigerians find it hard to afford a square meal, and some go to bed hungry for nights. Poverty being a cankerworm that has eaten deep into our society is a one-time huge factor that has the power to make someone believe the devil even when that person knows that the devil is an embodiment of lies. A poor man has a potential to fall for crumbs that can be eaten immediately rather than a standard meal that is still cooking and not ready yet. Oh yeah that is the level of poverty that exist in this nation.

An aspirant for the office of a representative of a constituency would come to his people and seek for their votes with a token of a tin of rice with a wonderful sum of N250 per head. With this he is assured of their precious votes. We have evidences even in state governorship elections where electorates cast their votes for the one whose face is on the bag of rice. Hmmmn, even branded foodstuff can win elections. These politicians even legalize and moralize their acts by tagging it names such as “stomach infrastructure”, which in its context means the building of skyscrapers through the mouth in the stomach of the electorates. A leader as part of his mandate of stomach infrastructure told the people in his state not to worry as their Christmas fowls are ready and he would soon start distribution, as he tags that his own dividends of democracy. Oh, what a Nation where her people as a result of poverty cum hunger has eaten all the pipe borne water, electricity, good roads, employment, good governance, etc., even before the election in form of stipends from the corrupt politicians.

Secondly, on the part of the politicians, the power of the mouth cannot be underestimated through the use of its organ and most sensitive part which is the tongue. People say “there is power in the tongue”; I would also say that “there are LIES in the tongue too”. We have so much lived in the world of fantasies built by the words of corrupt politicians who would show up from time to time on our TV stations and boast of how they can make life better if we can just give them our votes.

Their mouth has served as their architect and engineers that build roads, schools, and hospitals; their mouth has been the electricity in our houses; their mouth has been the water that runs in our pipes. A politician seeking for an office can do the impossible with his mouth but when he gets there, you begin to wonder if he was the one who really made those promises. Words of the mouth have deceived us so much and made us fall victims of bad leaders and corrupt governance. It has gotten to an extent that politicians now see lying as a normal act, and they don’t even know what not to say to us to get our votes. They promise us heaven on earth, and when they get into power what we experience is otherwise “hell on earth”. POLITICS OF THE MOUTH DEGRADING NIGERIA EVER SINCE.

Now, if only we Nigerians would come together and reason as to which candidate is credible for any political office, not regarding what we are going to eat now that would jeopardize our next four years, and rejecting words that are too sugar-coated and non-realistic promises made by these corrupt politicians, making at least 80% of our leaders credible and trustworthy, then Nigeria would rise from this present shackles to become the envy of the world.

I believe in a new Nigeria, I believe in the emergence of true leaders that would rescue this nation, I believe in a Nigerian ruled by credible people, and not people who would play the “politics of the mouth’s ideology”, and pull a fast one on over 160 million Nigerians.




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