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Obama: Presiding Over America’s Accelerated Moral Degeneration into a Godless Nation - By Franklin Otorofani

Published July 3rd, 2015

“I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.” - April 17, 2008, while running for president, defining marriage at the Saddleback Presidential Forum.”—Barrack Hussein Obama, taken from Politico.

That was Obama then talking God and Christianity profusely when he needed Christian votes to gain power knowing too well that America was predominantly a Christian nation. He repeated his opposition to same-sex marriage again and again even while raising a ton of cash from gay lobby groups right up to the 2012 presidential election when he finally turned coat, made an a volte face, turned against Christianity and embraced hedonism with both arms suggesting that all his earlier opposition to the proposition was mere political calculation not based on true moral convictions.

The obvious gusto with which Obama now promotes LGBT issues leaves one wondering if there is more to it than meets the eyes, or it’s just political pandering that most politicians are guilty of. He is busy congratulating gays and lesbians who come out of their closets; transgenders who make public show of their sex change when he is not throwing LGBT parties in the White House and celebrating pro-gay marriage rulings by US courts. Makes you wonder about what’s really going on here. Which brings me to the subject matter of this short piece just for the records.

“Not every love, not every friendship is marital. So you have to ask, as I think my brother pastors have asked, ‘What is the nature of marriage?’ And that goes back to a sexual expression that’s based upon the complementarity of men and women, and is the way in which the future of the human race is assured. And anything outside of that is morally wrong,”Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George weighing in with black pastors to denounce Obama’s immoral agenda as expressed by the USSC decision on same sex marriage.

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Permit me then to paraphrase the immortal words of late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) uttered to a benumbed nation through a joint session of Congress on December 8, 1941, in the aftermath of imperial Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor when I state that Friday, June 26th 2015 is a day that will forever live in infamy not just for the United States of America but for the entire moral world. It was the day when the United States Supreme Court (USSC) in a 5-4 majority decision split roughly down the middle along ideological line imposed gay marriage on the entire country including states that had outlawed it through referenda duly approved by the people in a democratic process in accordance with their respective states’ constitutions.

Once again democracy as the rule of the majority has been given a black eye by the USSC and the hallowed institution of marriage defiled and bastardized by just five liberal judges beholden to the Democratic Party rather than applying the clear provisions of the constitution of the United States which assigns marriage to the states. And this in the face of a federal law practically outlawing same-sex marriage which I will touch on briefly later in this piece. Liberal judges in the USSC have once again decided to do a political hatchet job for the Democratic Party and the law and for that matter federalism, could go to blazes so long as the liberal cause is attained. I regret to state that the USSC is not a court of law but a court of politics and this outrageous ruling has only cemented that reputation in the eyes of the citizens and the outside world.

To put this in some context for the readership to understand, it would be recalled that when then GW Bush administration was toying with the idea of an amendment to the US constitution to permanently ban same sex marriage opponents argued perhaps correctly I would venture to admit, and rather persuasively too, that marriage was a “state matter” not a federal issue and should therefore be left for the states to determine. Incidentally and quite interestingly, then presidential candidate Barrack Hussein Obama was one of those mouthing such arguments calculated, with the benefit of hindsight, to defeat the idea of a constitutional ban which would be extremely difficult if not near impossible to overcome when the time for agitation came. It’s all coming together now. Here was Obama then on November 8, 2008, again taken from Politico:

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about.” - Nov. 2, 2008, while running for president, in an interview with MTV.”

Notice here that he’s speaking from both sides of his mouth. He’s in effect opposed to a constitutional ban, leaving the door open for potential gay marriage advocacy in future. This shows that despite pretensions to the contrary his heart has always been there for same-sex marriage but held back for strategic reasons having to do with his presidential ambitions.

Thereafter state after state began to ban same-sex marriage through either referenda or legislative Acts, beginning ironically with the most liberal state of California in Proposition 8. Other states were to follow suit until all but just a handful of states were left to ban it. That’s when gay groups began to run to the courts alleging discrimination and pleading equal protection under the law.

Yes equal protection for a complete fiction that was invented—literally pulled from thin air overnight and clothed with the garb of a civil right, pleading—no, demanding protection just like genuine, established and constitutionally guaranteed pre-existing rights—in effect inserting a fictional right into a three-hundred year-old constitution! It is true wonders shall never end. Before our eyes the liberals manufactured a right and imposed it on a nation via the courts!

An abnormal condition—yes a sickness is being sanitized and dressed up as a civil right before our very eyes and forced on society through the powers of the state against all moral principles and traditions.

The same liberals who had argued that marriage was a state matter to be left for the states to determine are the same ones who rushed to and asked the USSC to impose same-sex marriage on the states from the center thereby nationalizing marriage which is the sole constitutional prerogative of the states. Nobody contracts marriage in the US under a federal statute because there is none. It is entirely a state affair.

Where then did the USSC derive its powers from to dictate to the states what constitutes marriage under state jurisdictions? It’s a liberal power grab, no question about it. This is totally and completely an unconstitutional and illegal decision that cannot and will not stand the test of time because it is wholly political delivered as it is by liberal hacks in judicial robes masked as Justices. The USSC by its blatant an unabashed political partisanship and total abandonment of the rule of law, has rendered itself illegitimate and irrelevant to the democratic process and has rightly been accused as the political arm of the Democratic Party rather than an impartial third branch of government that it is meant to be.

When the highest court in the land loses the respect of the citizenry by aligning itself with a particular political party, its credibility and judicial authority is gone with the winds and an open invitation to self-help. If some judge can sit there in Washington and override the majority decision of the people duly expressed through the ballot box in a democracy what use is democracy and what use are referenda? The Supreme Court cannot arrogate to itself the powers to make laws for the citizens. That is the job of the representatives of the people through Congress. This is why this decision is being treated as null and void in certain quarters.

Now it’s no secret that liberals are in power in much of the western world save for a few countries like Britain, Germany and Canada and now Australia, thank God. And liberals do what they know best—destroy the best of our traditions and cultural values. However never before have they gone this far in defiling a sacred cultural institution as marriage. This could turn out to be the last straw that breaks the carnel back as Christians and conservative governors have vowed to nullify the USSC decision directing states to recognize gay marriage.

Pastors in some southern states have hinted that they would not be bound by the decision by the liberal judges. It would appear that having tested the waters in the White House these past six years under President Obama, the first full blown anti-Christ, Satan had decided it was time to make his move to occupy the White House himself in a black man's skin to disguise himself. And by the way this is one reason why the world generally associates black with something evil. No white president of the US, liberal or not, would even attempt this sacrilege that is sure to draw the wrath of God as was indeed the case with Sodom and Gomorrah in biblical times.

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Former US President Bill Jefferson Clinton the doyen of liberals outlawed same sex marriage in the “Defense of Marriage Act” otherwise known by its acronym DOMA. The DOMA Bill was overwhelmingly passed by both parties in Congress. DOMA amongst others, denies federal benefits to so-called “gay couples”. The same Bill Clinton’s administration also passed the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) Act, making it illegal for gays to identify or be asked to identify themselves as such in all branches of the US military, which in effect rendered them invisible for all practical purposes. DADT was meant to shield troops from the shock of knowing that gays are serving with them—a knowledge that could affect troops cohesion in combat situations. And as hinted above the Act was supported by both Republicans and Democrats and passed by a Democratic administration for crying out loud.

And they remained invisible until Obama the raving anti-Christ most regrettably in black skin, seemingly on a morality demolition mission came along to reject both DOMA and the DADT Acts. He sent his AG, Eric Holder of the same liberal ilk not to defend the Acts in law suits filed before the federal district courts as well as the USSC thereby softening and laying the ground for the final push by the SC to impose this sacrilege on the entire country by judicial fiat without recourse to the people in a supposed democracy. Four men in robes hijacked the people’s sovereignty and imposed their will on an entire nation of 300 million plus people against long held traditional and religious values of the nation.

The full descent into moral abyss has just begun unfortunately presided over by a rather roguish and unprincipled black man in the White House with no moral scruples. Morality to the dogs. This is what Obama calls “progress” and “fundamental transformation”, not the economic wellbeing of the people; not the growing of the US economy and economic empowerment of the people; not the strengthening of the institutions of democracy and respect for the privacy rights of the American people but for the government to spy on them, sniff their emails and telephone conversations like North Korea and Cuba. Yes these are Obama’s ideas of progress, not instilling moral values on the citizens but gutting them and destroying family values.

Having failed comprehensively on the domestic front in growing the US economy beyond the miserable average 1.8% in GDP and on the international front with IS rubbishing his pathetic war on Islamic militant in Iraq and everywhere in the world, these symbolic sacrileges are Obama’s legacies. These are his demented notions of progress. The fact that he is a raving liberal ideologue out to destroy all that we hold dear and solemn is now beginning to show. This is the price America has to pay today for blindly electing an unknown quantity, who just popped out of the woodworks literary from nowhere to lead a great country into the moral abyss.

Every institution has been corrupted and compromised in America today. The only institution in society holding the line at least for now in the US today is the church which conducts marriages, and has made clear that it would not honor the ruling of the USSC even before the ruling was rendered last Friday. And not just the churches as there are indications that several state governors are prepared to defy the USSC. For example, the governor of Texas has promised to issue directives to marriage registrars to ignore the SC ruling and deny marriage license to gays and lesbians.

And what is more, while Obama and his immoral Democratic Party members are celebrating gay victory, Republican presidential aspirants have come down hard and fast on the USSC and vowed to undo the ruling if elected into office. Society is split into two warring camps over this. Christians and traditionalists are up in arms and the battle is far from over. This could turn out to be the shot in the arm of Republican voters and independents who are pissed off by this tragic ruling. The battle line has been drawn. They would not allow Obama, the wayward and reckless son of an African immigrant from Kenya and his liberal hacks destroy their great nation built over millennia on traditional values without a fight. So much blood is boiling over this sacrilege, and Americans are spoiling for a long drawn out bitter fight to the end and take back their country and their culture from these roguish elements in power today.

Finally, I would want to remind readers that the decision under consideration here was rendered by the five liberal judges on the SC against four conservative judges who dissented with strong words and dire warnings to their roguish colleagues—meaning it was far from a unanimous decision. Except for one liberal judge, the court would have been deadlocked.

Franklin Otorofani is a Nigerian-trained attorney and public affairs analyst resident in the United States.

Contact: mudiagaone@yahoo.com



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