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What is Chief Solomon Larís next step as the bid to oust the PDP national chairman Dr. Amadu Ali fails?

All the strenuous efforts to stop the PDP congresses and conventions ahead of 2007 came to rest on Monday as Abuja High Court declined jurisdiction that the suit lacks merit because the suit was incompetent. Justice Ibrahim Bukar in his judgment struck out the entire suit filed by Lar led faction of PDP, on the grounds that Lar and his splinter group lacked locus standi to bring the action; as INEC did join in the suit, the furious Justice Ibrahim Bukar said this is abuse of court process.

The question in everyoneís lips now is what is Larís next step, as the bid to stop congresses and to oust Dr. Amadu Ali the PDP national chairman hits the brick wall? Will Lar and his group defect to another party? If yes, which party? Everyone knows that Lar and his group are very close to Atiku Abubaka; as a matter of fact they are working for him (Atiku). What next?


Isaac Moses , August 2nd, 2006
Chicago, U.S.A

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